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Unique Interior Design Store + Warehouse

Vallone Design's more than 5,000 square-foot interior design antiques showroom houses some of the most unique finds from around all corners of the globe.

Ranging from Parisian clocks and Burlap and Blue Velvet Louie the XVI arm chairs to statement pieces like an oversized clock extracted from an England tower and vintage 19th Century Louis Vuitton trunks, Vallone's collection of antiques are some of the rarest in the West Coast. Vallone's antique buyers regularly make trips abroad, scout flea markets and purchase from the top antique dealers and suppliers to round out their antique supply.

Shop our interior design antiques showroom and discover pieces of enduring beauty. We're open to the public from 10-4; please call 480-473-1537 to let us know what you're looking for, and we'll prepare to excite you with our finest pieces.

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